Lesson Specifics

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Once a week

Length: 1 hour — Rider must be physically able to assist in grooming and saddling horse. This is a valuable part of the lesson in terms of increasing fine motor skills, self-esteem, focus to task, social skills, and delay of gratification.

Length: 1/2 hour — The entire lesson is spent on the horse. These lessons are reserved for riders who are unable physically or emotionally to participate in horse preparation for the lesson. This determination is made when the rider is evaluated prior to starting lessons.

  • Spring Session: 8 weeks, beginning the end of April or the first week of May
  • Summer Session: 8 weeks, beginning the second week of July
  • Fall Session: 7 weeks, beginning the week after the week of Labor Day

$25. per lesson, payable in advance as tuition ($200. per 8-week Sessions I & II, and $175. per 7-week Session III). Tuition is the same for 1 hour group or 1/2 hour private lessons. A $15 annual enrollment fee is also required.

Partial financial assistance is available on a first-come, first-served basis, for those who can demonstrate need. We accept payment from FSS and other service providers. We are unable to accept Access cards or other insurance payments.

Because we have an indoor riding arena, lessons are only canceled in the event of extreme weather conditions. Due to limited time and the inconvenience to our volunteers, makeup lessons are not available. If we must cancel a lesson, the rider will receive a refund. No refunds will be given for missed lessons for any other reason.

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